The Job Application Tango

We do it all the time. When we’re ready for a job change we go online to search for a better job. You go to your favorite job board or employer’s site, find a job that fits you perfectly, and submit your resume and nothing happens.

Just a typical online job hunting experience that we’re all used to. You are now in the Bermuda Triangle of job hunting, sending your resume into the unknown digital zone that goes in and never comes back.

So, what can you do to improve your odds of receiving that next step of the employer contacting you for the job interview? First, it’s important to understand what’s happening on the employer’s end. Employers nowadays will receive hundreds to thousands of resumes after posting a job in any given week. Their computers and networks are overwhelmed from the entourage of resumes that are pouring into their email and HR application management software.

Some employers have the technology that can handle all the resumes pouring in and those are the ones that you will get an auto-responder message stating that they have received your resume and will contact you if they want to schedule you for a job interview. Other employers don’t, their Human Resources departments have been downsized or their budgets have been cut so much they can’t even afford a computer.

Does that mean you shouldn’t even bother applying for the job? Of course not. There are thousands of new jobs posted daily on job boards. To help increase your chances of success begin the “Job Application Tango.” Here’s how:

Step 1: Submit your resume properly

•Don’t apply for jobs where you don’t meet the specific requirements the employer is posting in the job. Usually, if an employer post a skill is required you can bet you need that skill to be considered for the job. Make sure you are fully qualified for the position.

•Follow the resume submission instructions perfectly. If an employer asks you to only apply online through the job board or attach your resume in word format then do so, don’t copy and paste your resume in the body of the email.

Step 2: Network your way into the new job and company

•Find out if any of your friends work for the company you are applying to. You can do this by calling them or shooting them an e-mail.

•Check with your local business associations or professional organizations to see if they have a message board or forum where you post your questions.

•If you still come up empty handed, search for the names of people in the HR department on the company’s website. Then try to Google them or scour the internet to find a way to contact them.

•After you’ve networked to someone that works for that company, send them an email explaining your desire to work there and ask them if they can forward your resume to the department hiring manager or to the HR department.

In today’s tough economy and competition for jobs, it’s hard to just get an interview. To make sure your resume doesn’t get lost amongst the thousands of other job seeker resumes, practice the “job application tango.” It takes a little more time and effort, but is sure to pay off eventually.



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